Paradox on Cities: Skylines DLC Policy


I have already posted about Paradox’ thoughts on piracy from Sham’s feed a couple of days ago and he’s been posting again regarding Cities: Skylines DLC Policy policy. Paradox gamers will know they release a lot of great DLC for their games and Cities: Skylines will be no different according to the latest posts.

“I might rant a bit about DLC while I’m at it. So here it is: Our DLC strategy isn’t for everyone. and that’s fine. Don’t buy the DLC.

“As long as there’s a player base and demand we will keep making DLC, small and big, into the hundreds of $$$ if needed.

“But every time we do release major expansions we also add a ton of free stuff to the base game. Don’t buy the DLC – you still get free stuff

“We’ll also do tons of optional cosmetic DLC’s. Don’t like’em? Don’t buy ’em. It’s fine. They do however help pay for all the free updates.

“I dare say we’ve updated our games with more free stuff than the average game gets through paid content. Skylines will be no different.

“So even if you hate DLC and never buy anything- IT’S FINE – you’re still winning – because we’re giving you free updates regardless.

“Our games might not be for everyone (nor are we going to change that) – but I think our DLC strategy benefits everyone.

“Visiting our product pages all the DLC might overwhelm some by. This is a perception problem we need to fix.

“All that DLC makes the game MORE accessible in fact – but it comes off as opposite. “Analysis Paralysis” keeps people from buying the games.”

Paradox cater for a very niche market when it comes to their grand strategy games, and the reason the games do so well is because of the constant updates which can be game-changers. This is a great approach to keep interest up in a product that would usually vanish from PCs after a few months. The fact that a similar strategy is being employed for Cities: Skylines is fantastic news for gamers who purchased the game.


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