Official Cities Skylines Progress Update – 500k Sold and Patch Soonish

We are almost a week on from the Cities Skylines launch and now the dust is starting to settle Paradox and CO have issued a progress report on what’s going on behind the scenes. The game has now sold 500k copies, Moo points players in the direction of a few mods (also see out lists [mods/assets/maps] for more extensive features/additions you should check out), performance/game issues and a few other bits and pieces.

Let me take a moment and update you on the status of things, what’s going on behind the scenes and what to expect the coming time.

Bugs and issues

This has been an incredibly smooth launch, not only with sales and pickup but also technically. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems at hand! We have identified a couple of core issues users are experiencing and are working on solving them ASAP. Please note that we do not promise all these issues will be fixed in the first patch, even though this is our GOAL.

These are the widest, most pressing problems. This is by no means our complete list of bugs/issues, it’s simply the ones that are most widespread and important to fix. Please appreciate that we are a small team and need to prioritize, even though we of course aim to fix the smaller bugs too. CO and PDX QA closely monitor our bug forums. If you have posted in there your issue has been noted, even if there’s no official response in your thread.

  • Black screen on start-up
  • Grey Load/New Game button
  • Save issues (corrupted saves, saves not saving, cloud not working properly)
  • Poor performance on high end computers (mostly Linux)

If you’re experiencing any of these, please check the Release FAQ Known Issues list, as there are several workarounds posted there. If nothing works either wait for our first patch or contact support.

We’re also keeping a close eye on discussions on gameplay related issues. Specifically…

  • Commercial demand possibly being “killed” by parks and rec.
  • Potential traffic AI issues/improvements
  • Cause/effect for workers getting to their jobs

If there are bugs causing these issues, we will of course strive to fix them. In case they are design decisions from CO that the players disagree with; we monitor the discussion and take the feedback into consideration going forward. We understand there’s a lot of passion for this game and many of you want to see it grow in the best possible direction – your feedback is highly appreciated – but this does not mean we will “blindly” do everything people ask for. CO are very collected, down to earth developers. Do not expect knee-jerk balance/gameplay changes due to active feedback on a specific topic.

Bugfixing / issues patch ETA

As there have been no extremely pressing issues that need instant hotfixing (as in affecting a majority of players) we have chosen to take our time with the first patch to ensure it doesn’t break more than it fixes (so proper QA time). There’s currently no ETA for this patch, I will most likely get that today, but you should expect it in a not distant future.

CO are currently fully focusing on solving the core technical issues before we switch to working on the first major content update.

Moo’s mod collections (Workshop) now live!

I’ve started my semi-official curated mod lists on the workshop. They are currently bare bones in content but will be updated pretty much daily. If you want custom content for the game but have no wish to sift through the endless pages of workshop that are already there, please consider subscribing.

Moo’s Collection: I Want It All
For users who want as much as possible (still all high quality stuff) when it comes to custom assets. Please ensure you have at least 4gb+ RAM free for the game and generous amounts of HDD space.

Moo’s Collection: Mods & Functionality
This is the official mod collection for users that want gameplay/UI/experience altering mods.

Moo’s Collection: Crème de la Crème
For players that only want the best, high quality, good looking assets and mods available in the workshop.

Other, misc, news / things

  • We sold 500k+ copies!
  • We’ll be looking for at least one support agent (paid position) from the Cities community this week – more info on this later
  • There are several competitions going on in the subreddit, check the top bar for more info and prizes!

Thank you so much, everyone, for helping us make this happen. You’re awesome.


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  • Hafgandil

    So, I hope they fix the Asset Editor for us MAC-Users first, as we want to create custom Buildings like mad 🙂 But seriously, they need to hurry, this is a essential part of the game, I think, and it just can’t be that broken.

    • Hafgandil

      And they did!!! Thank gosh 😀