Cities Skylines Workshop Partially Wiped

A note from Paradox announces that the Workshop has been cleaned for launch in case you were wondering and mod makers have should re-uploading assets due to the changes. There are still loads listed so there’s no need to worry at all but just check this notice if you have uploaded mods previously. Also take note of the 256Mb issue.

Modders, asset creators, wonderful people all around – feel free to reupload your mods as soon as it has been cleansed.

Why? Technical reasons, assets missing proper LOD levels, a lot of old beta stuff clogging it up. Hopefully our wonderful modders will quickly repopulate it 🙂

Thank you for understanding.


256MB asset issues on the Steam workshop: It turns out assets saved with a previous version of the game will save textures which are not needed as part of the asset packages.

Because those textures are not needed but the asset does not know about that, it will still resave them in the new version as well if the asset is not considered as New.

If you model is a victim of this issue, it will display a file size of about 256MB in the workshop (and on your drive as well), in that case could you please re-upload the assets again, but this time following the steps below, it should allow the file to be the size it was expected at the first place.

If your file size is not showing close to 256MB, then your asset was created with a version of the game which did not cause the issue and you have nothing to worry about.

How to resave an asset as new:

  • Start the game and select Tools>Asset Editor>New, select any template.
  • When presented with the asset type selection, select Building
  • Next, in the template selection panel, roads should be selected by default, select your asset in the list and check the “Load existing props & decorations” at the bottom of the panel, click Continue
  • In the model selector, leave the selection to “Default from Template” and click Continue.
  • Your intersection now should appear in the Editor
  • Take a snapshot and save normally.
  • Check the file size of your asset (it should now be fairly small)
  • Hide or delete the old version of the asset so it does not stay in the workshop search.
  • Re-share this asset and know I am thankful for your efforts ! 🙂

PS: currently, we do not support a reliable way to Update the previously uploaded assets on the workshop (this will come in a patch as soon as possible) so in the meanwhile, just create a new asset and get rid of the old one.

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