Cities Skylines Release Time on Tuesday

Cities Skylines Release Time

It’s not long now! Tuesday is fast approaching. Paradox has labelled the Steam page with a release date of 10 March and many of you have been asking at what time on Tuesday the game release.

The normal time for game releases on Steam is 10AM PST, so that would be 10AM PST on Tuesday which is also 5PM GMT on Tuesday evening. I’ve created a quick time converter page here for global regions in case you are somewhere else.

On occasions games on Steam release a little early but there’s no indication that will happen with Cities: Skylines. Still, keep an eye on the Steam page in case.

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  • Liam Healy

    Will the game after a while be released on to tablets and phones, and will there be free versions of the game also

    Thanks for reading


    • WessK


    • Armoredskill

      I highly hope not. Free games on phones become cheap sellouts with microtransactions. I hope it stays on PC because that’s what it’s supposed to be played on.

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0aMgeH_BBoEmCOcW30Enw GJ Chameleon

    Ugh! I’ve been sitting here since 11:30 refreshing Steam in anticipation of a midnight release so I could play all night and record some videos to YouTube. I wish I had seen this first! haha. The wait is killing me! LoL

  • Gimmle

    This is awesome, thanks so much for this, now I have time to leave work, put the kids to bed, and lay back and enjoy a REAL city builder game!
    LOL, my boss took the day off for this game, he is going to be so pissed! 😀

  • Markus

    Why is it not out yet ? Shouldn’t it have been out, if using the above time ? ^^

  • Rob Beijerinck

    WTH its alrdy the 10th today still not out

  • https://profiles.google.com/118311413914249258850 Rob Bijerinck

    you when its relased its alrdy the 11th of march not cool guys

  • asdfaswe

    its 10:40am March 10th why is it not out

  • Dagomarus

    if its LA time we still have 2 more hours i guess

  • torymartin88

    10am PST. 1pm EST

  • Jeroen van Baardwijk

    And then… it released two hours early, which meant that people who didn’t realise that and bought the game between 17:00 and 19:00 CET thought they were buying the pre-release edition but didn’t get the extra goodies (five buildings, concept art book, and digital postcards). 🙁