Cities Skylines Pre-release Version Updated to v1.0.3

Colossal Order will be flat-out making final adjustments before release next Tuesday and the game has received an update taking the pre-release version to v1.0.3. There are various improvements and there’s also new tips on the loading screens with a fancy looking Chirpy rotating around the rotating loading icon. Gotta love that little blue chap.

1.0.3 – 3/6/2015

  • Critical JIRA issues fixed
  • Colour variation tweaking
  • Loading bar and tips
  • Asset importer fixes
  • Train collision detection improved
  • Achievement tab is disabled when achievements are disabled
  • Multiple localisation fixes
  • Vehicle doors properly configured
  • Highways work better in infoview
  • Load game is greyed if there are no save files
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for custom assets added
  • Bunch of thumbnails for assets
  • Cars try to not run over pedestrians
  • Stupid pedestrian pathfind in beautification path junctions fixed
  • Fire house has black base fixed
  • Pathfind/collision detection related fixes and improvements
  • Links to workshop in content panel added
  • Steam checks if app is owned
  • The game quits if user doesn’t own the game
  • 21:9 support fixed

Thanks Reddit.

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