Cities: Skylines Patch 1.0.7b patch notes

Cities: Skylines Patch 1.0.7b will be going live soon one the tech issues are resolved so here’s the full patch notes.

The Japanese Zen Gardens are here finally for everyone and there’s quite a few bug fixes in this update and a new  “-limitfps x” command line to set a target fps. This is the second update which addresses important bugs and technical issues and hopefully anything outstanding will be nailed down quickly and then we can move toward content additions.

Here’s your full  1.0.7b notes.

1.0.7b – Patch Notes
  • Warning added when enabling a mod
  • Save to cloud box now remain checked if the loading was performed from a cloud save
  • Japanese garden for everyone
  • Added command line parameter “-limitfps x” to set a target fps
  • Mac/Linux: Fixed custom assets not loading due to an invalid PNG format.
  • Mac: Removed menu bar & docks in fullscreen mode
  • Asset Editor: the default size of assets created from templates now matches the template size if loading props
  • Asset Editor: fixed a case where the default textures may get corrupted and require to restart the game
  • Asset Editor: already placed props can now be moved around and rotated in place (respectively using the left and right mouse click) when no tools are selected
  • Asset Editor: fixed cases where LODs may not rotate with the building in the import panel
  • Steam workshop: Steam fixed the workshop not being showing when in offline mode in the latest Steam client release (24 Mar)
  • Locale: added LOADING text
  • Misc: fixed a case where command line arguments may conflict
  • Misc: removed an invalid key binding option
  • Misc: Added screenshot shortcuts to rebindable input (default is F12 for normal screenshot and shift+F12 for hi-res screenshot, also local screenshots now go to gameUserFolder/Screenshots) Steam screenshot feature is untouched and still the preferred method to take screenshots
  • Misc: Info views panel added to the Escape chain so the last Escape press will close the info views now
  • Misc: Save map does not show builtin and workshop maps any longer
  • UI: Fixed arrows sprites not showing feedback when interacted with
  • UI: Fixed color picker color not displaying in the right color space
  • No more duplicate name error for identical names coming from different packages
  • Paths can not be built inside elevated roads anymore
  • Elevated roads can now be upgraded or changed direction if one-ways
  • .ccs files displayed in red can now be selected in the load panel when trying to recover a failed save (when a save fails and attempt to
  • preserve itself generating a .ccs file)
  • french localization improved
  • general audio improvements (should help address the sound stuttering issue with some sound cards)


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  • Just made to

    Sounds great for early patches, just more polish. There has been talk about different building styles, I’d say mods can take care of that. I’d rather just want more variety in buildings, but mods can also take care of that.

    What I really want are gameplay features:

    – Traffic moves away for emergency vehicles

    – Allow fire to ignite nearby buildings

    – Allow vehicles to change lane if there is 10 or more waiting in line (or anything that actually uses all available lanes). Maybe make the pathing choose a road, without choosing a lane and let the lane be chosen when the car arrives there.

    – Keep more uneducated workers for industry. It’s really lame now that your citizens consistently get too smart for the benefit of your city.

    – Maybe add religion as an alternative option to education to keep people stupid. That way you can control how educated your city becomes.

    – Reduce the costs of garbage, in real life it’s aroud 10%-20% http://www.theguardian.com/environment/datablog/2009/oct/04/uk-waste-recycling