Cities Skylines not updating to v1.0.5? Do the Following. Also Laptop Issues

There appears to be an issue with the game installing at v1.0.3 instead of the new v1.0.5. This can be resolved according to Paradox to make the Cities Skylines Steam install grab the latest v1.0.5 patch. Follow these instructions.

Looks like some ol’ steam cache is still releasing 1.0.3 to people instead of 1.0.5 which isn’t right.

If you see your game is this old version, or you have some strange problems, please exit the game and verify the integrity of your game cache via steam.

EDIT Running a laptop and have performance issues? Make sure you’re not using the integrated GPU (this is especially a potential problem if you’re running Windows 8.1)

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  • Mister Pickles

    How do I not use the integrated GPU? I just installed Windows 8.1 and the game wasn’t playable at all. Thanks

    • Clark

      If you know you have a proper graphics card as well as your integrated one, then simply disable your integrated one in windows inside device manager in control panel. Just find the integrated gpu in device manager, right click on it and select disable. Then reboot.