Cities: Skylines Mods Update – 18 March

Cities: Skylines Mods

It’s been a week since release and I think we can all agree there’s been some cracking Cities: Skylines mods created by the community so far. There’s been quite a few new additions here on the site in the past couple of days so here’s a few of those to check out.

There are lots more in listed on the site and I have also now added voting functionality. In the right navbar you can also see a list of all the mods which are sorted by popularity in the last seven days. Don’t forget you can suggest a mod of inclusion via the submit page, and thanks to everyone who has suggested additions for mods, assets and mods. Your help is super appreciated.

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  • mouttonnoir

    Amazing that after 1 week over 13,000 mods/assets/maps have been uploaded to Steam workshop. The current number for SimCity 4 after 11 years is 18,000! SC2015? A measly 350!
    OK a lot of whats available is of poor quality and adds zero to the game- hundreds of silly little parks, bonkers interchanges, maps of some nutters mug shot and crazy roundabouts. Finally we’re beginning to see some real quality mods appearing that vastly enhance the game. The creativity and ingenuity of the community is awesome! Keep up the great work guys, its appreciated.