Cities: Skylines Mod Updates – 21 March

Cities Skylines

Mod makers have been a busy bunch again this week and the Mods section has received quite a few entries once again. An interesting mod by rollo has popped up which allows you to terraform in a live game, a feature that CO has mentioned as a feature they would possibly take a look at in the future. I’ve tested it out this evening with mixed results but it’s great that this is being worked on by mod makers.

You can now find all the latest mods listed in the mod section, and as promised, I have now added further categorisation. Mods can now be filtered by multiple categories via the filter at the top of the page so hopefully that will make finding things a little easier. The assets section has also been updated with more of the best assets and a new categories have also been added there.

Again, feel free to suggest any further categories you would like to see in the comments for this post.

Thanks to those of you who are submitting your files for inclusion in the different sections, it’s a massive help.


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