Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week Award

Mod of the Week

Welcome to the first Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week. Each week we’ll be selecting a mod that every player should be checking out and have installed while playing. With the game having been out for just over two weeks we thought now would be a good time to get these awards underway because there’s plenty to choose from. Winners of the award will have a special award logo added to their pages so everyone can instantly tell it’s a mod worth installing.

We all know that traffic can be a real problem in your city and placing junctions in the correct place is not always easy to get right. With some junctions being given traffic lights by default depending on the connection, they can really hinder traffic flow at times.  Because of this, the first Mod of the Week Award goes to Craxy for the excellent Toggle Traffic Lights which allows you to either add or remove traffic lights on a junction with a single click.

In the past week, while messing around with the very first city I started two weeks ago, traffic had becomes a real problem so much so it was crippling services getting to their destination fast. With this being the first city, the design wasn’t brilliant and the road network could have been better. However, with a little wizardry from Toggle Traffic Lights, the city got moving once again and it was saved. Hoorah!

Well done to Craxy for picking up the very first SkylinesCity Mod of the Week Award. Well deserved.

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