Cities Skylines Day/Night Cycle Mod is a Work in Progress

A Cities Skylines day/night Cycle is one of features missing from the game and it’s mentioned time and time again by the community. We’ve seen how well it can work in SimCity and it’s a feature I think most of us would like to see added.

There has been an attempt already at creating a mod but it’s really rough and lacks the lighting on objects such as buildings and traffic. There is also another mod in the works that looks a little further on in development as it’s starting to add the lighting effects by starting with the vehicle headlights. Other areas to look at will include buildings, street lights, traffic lights, and well anything else that should be lit.

There’s not mention on when this mod will be released but the video below shows the mod’s current status and it’s very much still a work in progress. What has been achieved so far with the car lights looks great so let’s hope it develops further and we’ll all be plating in fully lit night time cities.

I wonder if darkness should affect a city’s crime rate? That would be interesting but it’s probably overkill. Let’s just get this working first.

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  • Priyo

    how about the streetlights?

  • Jon Belanger

    Night should definitely effect crime rates, but only if there are ways to fix it – like better street and open area illumination.

    • Arazmus

      That could get into the realms of having to place street lights along roads manually.

      • Xegethra

        They could maybe have a night time police budget slider, and the higher it is the more police are out patrolling at night. If the bar is half way then the police presence at night is the same as the day, in the lower half there’s less out than in the day and the higher it is the more police are out. Not sure how realistic this is, but it might be a way to help fight crime at night if night were to have higher crime rates.

      • Jon Belanger

        I’m totally fine with this 🙂

        My only gripe so far is that there isn’t enough complexity!!

  • Jeongbun XVII

    is there any news if developer will give night/day in the next patch?

  • Bryan Myhr

    Hey, fantastic job. I can’t wait!

  • beizegum

    it should increase… traffic accidents, crime, fire.. etc2

  • http://www.alwayslategamereviews.weebly.com/ Always Late Game Reviews

    So…just a thought…both modders should share the work load and incorporate both assets into one big mod. It would save a lot of headaches for us players and take yet another item off Colossal Order’s plate. Seriously, some of these people should really get paid for what they’re doing.

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  • http://slp20131.wix.com/slp20131 SLP20131

    what about the buldings? (No Moded buildings)