Colossal Order on Chirper Changes and Unlocking Everything

Colossal Order has been listening to feedback regarding the Chirper feature and have come up with a compromise that should please everyone.

We’ve heard your feedback regarding Chirper and understand that a relatively large amount of vocal users are not fond of this feature. Listening to our players-to-be is very important to us, yet so is the artistic integrity and design choices of Colossal Order. Taking this into consideration – a give-and-take is in order.

The change we have gone for is that you will now have an option to disable the sound and animation/pop up from Chirper. The bird will still stay on your screen, but you must click it to see the updates from your Cims.

We believe this is a good middle ground, as the feature is important for you to get an overview of the wants and needs of your citizens.

In other important news, they have also clarified options for unlocking content.

Also, something else that hasn’t been properly communicated.

There will be separate options when you start a game for unlocking everything (except monuments) and unlimited money/sandbox. Right now this is a CO-made mod, we aspire to add it as a checkbox / easily accessible option before launch.

This is good news for anyone wanting to simply play around with everything in Cities Skykines right from the start and at least it’s optional.

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