New screenshot demonstrates the UI

Another new screenshot today and this one is interesting because we get a much better look at the UI.

This time the bottom interface bar is a lot clearer and there’s also a information box for the residents of the house you can see highlighted with the semi transparent grey box. There’s plenty of information too about the inhabitants of the building such as education levels, offspring and age brackets.

Notice the “no levelup info available” message. The devs explain.

When you zone an area, you choose between low and high density (provided you already unlocked the high density zones). When some conditions are met, like educated citizens and high land value for instance (but not only), the buildings in the zone upgrade. The consequences are different for industrial, commercial and residential zones of course but overall, the buildings have better results for the city and for the citizens.

There’s no doubt there are some similarities to the SimCity interface but there’s a reason for this and that’s will be screen view. The positioning of the menu does keep the screen uncluttered and it’s much better than having any icon obstructing the top or bottom of the screen.

Regarding the big blue Twitter-like bird, well I have no idea what that is 🙂

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  • Angelo

    Thanks for keeping us updated. This is not 100% certain, but the Bird at the top of the screen will be used to view/read citizen feedback; or the place where citizens will leave comments about their issues and how they feel about the city. They made mention of such a system when taking questions. They likened it to social media feedback loop, i.e. Twitter. Could be an error on my part, I’ve been wrong before. Thanks again.