Eurogamer takes a look at Cities: Skylines

More very early Cities: Skylines impressions have been posted by Eurogamer based on the small amount of info that was released at Gamescom.

Mariina Hallikainen, Colossal’s CEO, had this to say in the item.

“It’s very dynamic, working in a small team, and I think it’s very important that everybody gets to pitch in in more than just their specific area, but the scope of the game is one of the biggest issues. Our competitors have had massive teams, massive budgets, and we don’t have that luxury. We really have to focus our efforts on certain features, make sure those are polished and then expand later.”

Much of the article covers the features we have posted about already such as lack of disasters but modders will be pleased to note that Mariina is super keen to get the modding right.

We didn’t achieve the level of modding we were hoping for in Cities in Motion 2, after having a really good modding community in Cities in Motion 1,” she concedes. “Now, we really want people to be able to decorate their city.”

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