Cities Skylines Developer Posts – 5 September

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A few posts worth pointing out that have appeared in the last few days so here’s a recap if you missed these.

Em, please kindly explain “due to Unity” – due to Unity’s limitation? Sounds like there are multiple mod tools? Very curious, and excited too.

I hope at release there will be sufficient basic tools for modders to have something to do. Actually it’s a good idea to get some diehard SC4 CXL modders at XLnation and Simtrop on board to co-dev and polish up the mod tools before release. It’ll help generate custom content faster. Note that some of them are preoccupied with SC2013 mods, some may even be under Maxis commission so…

Basically, as far as I have understood, vanilla Unity doesn’t support much modding at all. So we have built custom tools to be able to interact with more parts of the game, I can talk to CO and try to get a more specific example, otherwise we’re going to talk more about modding soon – so you’ll get your answer then ^^

We’re ready to work with our players and modders prior to launch, and will most likely do so in some way or form.

If you wanted a beta test then it sounds like it’s going to be super limited if it happens at all.

Due to development resources and the scope of the game, an open “lols just test the game some time prior to launch this is totally not a marketing campaign”-beta will most likely not happen, but as mentioned there might be a very closed technical beta some time in the future. And as mentioned – contributing to our forums and community will definitely put you on our watchlist, if not for beta then other projects, as we want to get comfortably close to you guys and gals.

Paradox on getting the game right.

Time to totally reset the ownership of this genre, indeed. So far parties who took on the challenge had no clue of what made sandbox god games so addictive. Monte Cristo had some interesting ideas but got too ambitious too fast, Will Wright has forsaken his brainchild and Maxis just wants to please hubby Godfather. Someone else who gets it has to do it. CO is very close. CiM2 was the only contender after I got sick of CXL. I’m also loving the European feel. Now that it’s moddable…

Ability to build medieval or fantasy or SF theme cities will be great. A lot of work though. Expansion pack territory, with modding support. Maybe Cities Skylines: Time Travel Series.

I imagine CSL will expand along the line of core editor features, and mini simulation module games.

Nice if CSL2 will come with a CSL:Architect add-on. Equivalent of The Sims Build Mode, the most brilliant in-game architect tool bar none. Once finalised, the building becomes a lot, complete with baked light and LODs. Modders could focus their energy elsewhere instead of tedious mapping and import exports. SimCity and The Sims type will go nuts with a new layer of super addictive FUN.

Mini sim modules would also be the obvious. Close to what Monte Cristo planned for CXL. Infinite possibilities. A Drive-It mode for starters, more an add-on than expansion: drive a parkour-enabled Cim, or car/ helicopter/ hovercraft/ jetski/ boat anywhere in the city, complete with collision physics. Watch out GTA.

Other CSL “mini expansions”: Race Track sim, Resort sim, Ski sim, Farm sim, Rollercoaster/ themepark sim, Zoo sim. With more specific economy challenges.

And then, CSL3, full-on Cims arrive in the CO cities. Complete with the customisable head to toe + animation tool + interaction editors. Better still, voxel world editor. Game over. CO Paradox the new lord of the realm.

Well, with where Sims 4 is heading there might be a gap in that specific part of the genre… But as you say certain other companies who has approached the city builder before us get overambitions too quick – we need to pace ourselves to create a great game

Not sure what you mean by the gap in the genre…please elaborate…

As many core fans had said on CXL and SC4 forums – as a reaction to recalcitrant Maxis non-responsiveness to core fan protests… “Honey, we’ve waited more than 10 years for a successor. We CAN wait.”

So take your time. Sorry if I sounded like I wanted it all all-at-once. But hey, I only ask for voxel for CSL3.
That’s just one very possible future…

Since Sims 4 is moving towards a full on personality simulator and goes further and further away from the building and designing aspect, adding such a functionality to CSL in the future could be a good move. That would open up for building interiors, more interactive citizens and a generally deeper simulation too.

On keeping out the peasants with gated communities.

In all my time in playing City Building Sims and games along those lines, they have never added communities such as gated communities, or others like it.

Could this be added in release? Or modded?

Should be doable with some wall / gate assets, policies and a little modding, as far as I know

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