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Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters expansion announced

We’ve all been asking for it now it’s coming. The Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters expansion will be released this winter.

18 Aug 2016 | 0

New Cities: Skylines After Dark Trailer

The new Cities: Skylines After Dark trailer from Colossal Order released today is a much better trailer which shows how the cities will look once the sun goes down. Don’t forget you can get your hands on the expansion on 24 September for $14.99.

28 Aug 2015 | 0

New Cities Skylines Dev Diary Focuses on Features

It’s time for another Cities Skylines video developer diary from the devs and in this one they discuss the game’s many features, including the great water system, zoning, economy and more. If there was one video that’s been released so far that could convince you to take the plunge for next week’s release, it’s this […]

5 Mar 2015 | 0

Cities Skylines embargo is lifted – Lots of footage

Yesterday copies of Cities Skylines¬†were sent out to the press and streamers with an embargo which has been lifted today for video and discussion (not reviews). Due to this there are lots of videos/streams that have appeared throughout the day so if you want to watch it being played just look it up on Twitch¬†for […]

4 Mar 2015 | 0

City: Skylines Modding Explained in New Video

We all know modding is an important part of Cities: Skylines and today the dev team released a new video explaining some of the modding features players can expect.

25 Feb 2015 | 0