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Valve demos Steam controller with Cities: Skylines – Pre-orders being taken

Today Valve announced pre-orders for some of their upcoming hardware which includes the Steam controller, Steam machines and the streaming Steam link device. The only reason you might think about using a Steam controller with Cities: Skylines is if you want to take the game into the living room and play it on your TV. If that’s what […]

4 Jun 2015 | 1

Steam Workshop Paid Mods are Dead

That’s didn’t last long. Cities: Skylines players can relax because it looks like the Steam paid workshop system has been canned. Following Gabe Newell’s Q&A sessson at the weekend, today Valve have decided to completely remove the paid mod system from the Steam Workshop. A statement was posted explaining the change of heart. We’re going to […]

28 Apr 2015 | 0

Workshop Items Now Work in Offline Mode with Steam Beta Client

Some important news if you are trying to play in Cities: Skylines in offline mode with Workshop items. A new Steam beta client version has been released which you can now test which allows workshop items in offline mode. See the note below from Paradox on how to get this working.

20 Mar 2015 | 0

Cities: Skylines Piracy to be Tackled with Free Updates

Harsh DRM always encourages pirates to download copies of a game but it appears Paradox’ approach to making sure there’s a supply of free content could keep the Cities: Skylines pirates away. In case you missed the Tweets from Paradox’s Shams Jorjani at the end of last week, he explained: “Here are a few small tidbits of […]

16 Mar 2015 | 0