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Cities: Skylines Content Update due in a Month. More Details Shared

If you were wondering what was happening with the first major content update we now know it’s due next month. Colossal Order has posted a progress update for the content update which will include the addition of tunnels and European buildings. The good news is that this update is now a lot buigger than originally planned […]

17 Apr 2015 | 2

Cities: Skylines Zen Gardens for Everyone!

Paradox has “goofed” following the non-delivery of Cities: Skylines Zen Garden codes to gamers who signed up for the newsletter. This has worked out rather well for everyone because all players will now get a Zen Garden. Hoorah! Well done to PDX for sorting this out and taking what was probably the best option to resolve this […]

20 Mar 2015 | 1

The Mysterious Missing Zen Gardens

Anyone who has been following the game well in advance of release will be aware of the Japanese Zen Garden promo which Paradox ran. What you to needed to do was sign-up for the newsletter and you would be rewarded with a Zen Garden for your city. What appears to have happened is that some of […]

19 Mar 2015 | 0

Cities Skylines Developer Posts – 5 September

A few posts worth pointing out that have appeared in the last few days so here’s a recap if you missed these. If you wanted a beta test then it sounds like it’s going to be super limited if it happens at all.

6 Sep 2014 | 0