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Cities: Skylines After Dark – Dev Diary 4: Commercial specialisations

A new feature coming to┬áCities: Skylines After Dark is the new commercial specialisations which tie-in with the focus on nightlife and those great looking waterfront locations. This latest dev diary look at these┬áspecialisations and now they can impact a city. Soak up the new shots while you’re reading.

11 Sep 2015 | 8

Cities: Skylines After Dark – Dev Diary 3: Expanded city services

The third Cities: Skylines After Dark developer diary has been released and this week CO cover everything from policing to cargo.

4 Sep 2015 | 0

Cities: Skylines After Dark Dev Diary looks at modding changes

The CO team are back with another Cities: Skylines developer diary and this latest update covers the topic of modding in the upcoming After Dark expansion. The diary looks at some of the new features to be aware of with the Asset Editor and user created modes, dynamic lighting, and the look of districts. There’s […]

28 Aug 2015 | 0

New Cities Skylines Dev Diary Focuses on Features

It’s time for another Cities Skylines video developer diary from the devs and in this one they discuss the game’s many features, including the great water system, zoning, economy and more. If there was one video that’s been released so far that could convince you to take the plunge for next week’s release, it’s this […]

5 Mar 2015 | 0

Cities: Skylines Outside Connections Dev Diary

This week’s developer diary from the Colossal Order team takes a look at outside connections and how they will have an impact on your city and the decisions you need to make. This update also shows odd the new UI for the first time which I have to say is a real improvement. It’s a […]

22 Nov 2014 | 0