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Official News

Cities: Skylines announced for Xbox One

City building makes its way onto the Xbox One later this year.

16 Feb 2017 | 0

Real European Football Clubs Added in Cities Skylines The European Club Pack

Colossal Order has just released The European Club Pack which includes some of Europe’s top football clubs and stadiums.

18 Oct 2016 | 0

Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux Art Deco Cities Skylines DLC released

Cities Skylines’ first piece of community created DLC has been released and it’s been created by Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux.

1 Sep 2016 | 1

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters expansion announced

We’ve all been asking for it now it’s coming. The Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters expansion will be released this winter.

18 Aug 2016 | 0

Here’s what you get for free in Cities Skylines Snowfall

Not sure what’s being included for free? Check this list.

10 Feb 2016 | 0