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Mod Tools

LOD Toggler

Press CTRL + ‘.’ to toggle the LOD distance check. This has several effects: Increases the building LOD render distance Increases the tree LOD render distance Increases the prop render distance (a little bit) Increases the cim and vehicle render distance Increases the network LOD render distance You will still see a LOD when you […]

6 Dec 2015 | 0

In-game Natural Resources Tool

It should be compatible with most popular mods. For obvious reasons it’s incompatible with Tree Brush mod by Destroyer. This mod doesn’t reuse any of Tree Brush source code. Available through a toolbar icon (see cover art). Works exactly like its Map Editor counterpart and uses the same keyboard keys and mouse buttons (+,- to […]

20 Aug 2015 | 0

Prop Probability Changer (Utility for asset creators)

This is a utility mod for asset creators, not for normal players! This mod helps you to change the probability that a certain prop appears when a building instance is created. It is a nice way to increase the variety of the asset, especially when you create row houses: Every garden will look differently. The […]

18 Jul 2015 | 0

Sapphire – UI skin framework

Sapphire is a framework that enables complete re-skinning of the game’s UI using a language similar to HTML and CSS. Download your favorite Sapphire skins from the workshop! FEATURED SKINS – Silicon by kokonut – Blue UI by Unknown Soldier – Emerald by me If you are a player: – Subscribe to Sapphire. – Subscribe […]

17 Apr 2015 | 0

[ARIS] Skylines Overwatch

Efficient active ID monitoring framework to monitor and categorize buildings, vehicles, citizens, and animals in the city. Pause the game to see a summary of everything currently tracked in the debug window. Check out the new FAQ: Ideas, questions, thoughts, or bug reports? Please visit the official Skylines Overwatch collaboration portal: What is […]

17 Apr 2015 | 0