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Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection )

Allows to change a saved game’s, map’s or theme’s environment. It also decouples environment selection from custom theme selection. This mod allows to change environment of an existing save game. It adds a drop down to main menu load game panel that allows to change your save game’s environment. First item in the list is […]

18 Feb 2016 | 0

Emergency Light Changer

DESCRIPTION This mod changes the color of the emergency vehicle lights. You can choose one of the preset in the options menu of the mod: The ‘American’ preset changes the lights of all fire trucks to red-blue (selected by default). The ‘European’ preset changes the light color of all emergency vehicles to blue-blue. You can […]

6 Dec 2015 | 0

Prop Remover

Description Removes most annoying and unrealistic props from all buildings (configurable) Are you annoyed with your high-tech industrial zone looking like it came from XIX century? Or with steam on roof tops? Or maybe with scary clown heads? Or silly squirrels? You can make your city look more clean and realistic by removing them! This […]

6 Dec 2015 | 0

Random Tree Rotation

DESCRIPTION All instances of a tree in Cities: Skyline are rotated in the same way, which looks very unnatural. That is a technical limitation¬†[] which is caused by the technology that is used the render distant trees (LODs). But it is possible to rotate the detailed tree models which you will see when you zoom […]

22 Nov 2015 | 0

Toggleable Whiteness

When plopping buildings, makes InfoView overlay displayed only if InfoView panel is visible Are you as annoyed with that whiteness when you’re plopping unique buildings or services as I am? Then this mod is for you. This mod doesn’t provide a hotkey. InfoViews button (top left corner) is used for toggiling. You can click that […]

3 Jul 2015 | 0