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Map News

Play The Gamescom Map

At Gamescom the Paradox team let the public loose on a city which was continued by numerous players over the few days. As you can imagine this is a recipe for disaster with new players attempting to get to grips with the game. Paradox has now uploaded the map for you to try and hopefully […]

18 Aug 2015 | 0

Recommended Cities Skylines Maps – 13 March

I’ve been adding mods to the Recommended Mods list since the game launched and now it’s time to check out the Cities Skylines Recommended Maps. There has been so much new content released in the Workshop that it’s getting harder to keep tabs on all the good stuff so hopefully these “recommended” lists could help. Some […]

13 Mar 2015 | 0

City Skylines Height Map Creation Tool for Creating Real World Location Maps

When the game launches next week map making enthusiasts are going to be super keen to start creating maps based on real world data. You would think it would be impossible but thanks to the wonders of satellite technology and various map resources it is possible. Not only that, there’s now a web based tool to […]

7 Mar 2015 | 36