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I was a huge SC4 fan and like many others was initially very excited at the prospect of a new game… until EA/Maxis systematically ignored all of the fan requests for an evolution of the genre and instead gave us a watered down, tiny, online only, un-moddable kids version!

We shouted and screamed and were ignored so I never even bought the new SC and was very happy to see it quickly become a disaster. Never ignore your true fan base!

I hung up my Mayor’s hat because of all this but recently my brother told me about this game… three days ago! Since then I have read up on it and have to say i’m excited again and have just bought the game. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it when I get home.

Being able to import map data is a huge plus for me and hopefully some terraforming will appear at a later date, other than that the game looks to be everything I wanted from a SC4 sequel and i’ll soon find out this evening if i’m lost in a city building time-warp and 8 hours goes by in what feels like minutes…