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Blackwell Academy

This is my first ever created model, I worked around 2-3 weeks on it. Now after I fixed all the technical issues and almost all optical bugs … I tought it is in a state to release it (“release de kraken” – LiS fans will know). x) This asset is based on the game Life […]

20 Jun 2015 | 0

Large Clarifier

Large Clarifier by Kollati Cleans out the city sewage and convets it to fresh water and garbage. Cost: 3500 Upkeep: 240/week Water pumping capacity: 25600m3/week Sewage pumping capacity: 51200m3/week Creates moderate noise and garbage.  

28 Apr 2015 | 0

Large Recycling Center

This larger recycling facility can deal with the most demanding of cities by sifting through and removing garbage over time. Noisy and expensive but it’s 100% clean! Stats: Footprint: 16×8 Cost: 100000 Upkeep: 1920/week Garbage Capacity: 570000 Garbage Processing: 72000/week Garbage Trucks: 20 Catchment Area: 1500 Power Usage: 1920KW Water Usage: 192 Noise Pollution: 80 […]

28 Apr 2015 | 0

Nuclear Power Plant with Steam V 2.0

Realistic steam added to the cooling tower to provide a more realistic game experience! Stats remained the same. Size increased from 9 X 9 to 13 X 9 to include cooling towers in grid. New in V 2.0 Steam spawners raised to limit steam going through the wall of the cooling tower. Fixed parking lot […]

19 Apr 2015 | 0

Oil Platform

Behold! The magnificient Oil Platform for your cities! What????!! Really? Now your thirst of oil can now be expanded to the mighty sea of cities skyline! Item Description Size 7×7 Find under electricity tab in game Cost for plot : 50000 (I think this price is reasonable) Cost per month : 3000 Generate Electricity: Yes […]

17 Apr 2015 | 0