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Multi-Platform Metro and Train Stations

A collection of Multi-Platform Metro Stations, 3 types with 4 platforms in =, + and || configurations as well as a 6 platform one, and a 4 platform train station in City Railways branding.  

20 Jun 2015 | 0

Newspaper Bus Stop Hub

Original idea was found on the 3D warehouse located here.. I modeled all the boxes and used custom textures myself though. I used an elementary school as a template and reduced the stats by a lot. 2 x 1 Space Cost 7500 $64 week 1 Uneducated worker Education accumulation 40 Education radius 300 student count […]

7 May 2015 | 0

Modular Airport Express Terminal

Modular Airport Express Terminal by kurtus_mob Tired of these neverending queue lines ? Grab your premium pass and head to the Express Terminal for a quick and smooth boarding ! Here comes a quick attempt at making modular airport assets. This consists of a small terminal building with small to medium gates, passengers ramps and […]

28 Apr 2015 | 0

Modern Train Station

Modern Train Station with default settings. For more ingame images:  

28 Apr 2015 | 0

Orio Train Station

!! Caution !!  If you place a custom asset station on your city as the first train station, train will not come in. You need to place a default train station to get trains.  When you placed a custom asset station as the first train station, break immediately and place default train station. After you […]

19 Apr 2015 | 0