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Breakwater Hotel (Art Deco Style)

My First Building Release! Based on the Art Deco Miami South Beach Breakwater Hotel. Check out reference photo shots of the real thing here. High Commercial – Level 2 Comes in 4 color variations shown above. Total Tris = 7,123 2048 x 2048 Maps LOD Tris = 394 128 x 128 Maps Great flower assets […]

3 Oct 2015 | 0

Foam ‘N Go Car Wash

Subscribe to all the required Assets by clicking the Collection link above Please Rate Up if you Like! Thanks for the Support! I’ll start off by saying that I used a lot of models found on the 3D Warehouse but I also put in a lot of work modifying, creating my own models and making […]

20 Jun 2015 | 0

Gula’s Pepper’s Restaurant

Gula’s Pepper’s Restaurant (Level 1 high density commercial) 2208 tris 1024 texture res 4×3 building Inspired by this American food chain: Chili’s is a premier casual dining restaurant company and has received numerous accolades through the years for its outstanding performance. They have been recognized as one of the “World’s Most Admired Food Services […]

27 May 2015 | 0

Mc Ronald’s with Drive-In and Cafe (Growable Shop H1 4×4)

Mc Donald’s makeover. This is the growable version with darker windows and changed illumination map, scaled down to fit a 4×4 high density zone. The object has all maps. Placed in-game to check if it works; and it does. :] Description: Type: Commercial Level: H1 Size 4×4 Construction time: 30 Ground offset: 0 First height: […]

1 May 2015 | 0

Whataburger By The Bay L3 Growable

The famous Whataburger By The Bay, in Level 3 Low Density Commercial form! Pair with Whataburger Level 1 Growable to see your favorite burger chain pop up all over town! Also available in Ploppable form.  

28 Apr 2015 | 0