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Rush Hour [Beta]

Author: PropaneDragon
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Cims that know the time!

This mod gives all your Cims free watches and teaches them how to read the time. No longer will you find people in school ‘studying’ at 3 AM, and you won’t have the same traffic at night as you will during the mornings or evenings.

Current features
  • Works with Snowfall!
  • XML event support for custom buildings. (More information)
  • Cims go to work and school at reasonable times during regular weekdays.
  • Cims don’t go to work on weekends.
  • [New for Snowfall] Cims prefer to go home if they’re getting rained on while stood around outside.
  • Over night some Cims may decide to go out if they feel like it. More will go out at night over the weekends.
  • [After Dark] When going out at night, citizens are more likely to choose specialised leisure areas in their local area.
  • [After Dark] Tourists stay in your city for longer, and if you have hotels near tourist hotspots they’ll go there at night.
  • Random events happen in your city at certain landmarks which attract certain people.
    • Aquarium
    • Modern Art Museum
    • Posh Mall
    • Expo Centre (Business Expo, Caravan Expo, Comic Book Expo, Electronics Expo, Games Expo)
    • Stadium
    • Theater of Wonders
    • Library
    • Opera House
  • The date bar has been changed to show the actual city time
  • Time has been made 4X slower to give Cims time to do stuff.
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