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Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection )

Author: BloodyPenguin
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Allows to change a saved game’s, map’s or theme’s environment. It also decouples environment selection from custom theme selection.

This mod allows to change environment of an existing save game.

It adds a drop down to main menu load game panel that allows to change your save game’s environment. First item in the list is save game’s original environment.

After the save game is loaded you can save it and new environment will persist.

If you convert between European biome and some other or vice versa you might need myEuropean Buildings Unlocker mod because European environment has different set of native (a.k.a native/stock/default) buildings. I also expect that upcoming Winter environment will also have a unique set of buildings – I’m going update European Buildings Unlocker for that case.

This mod will be especially helpful when Snowfall DLC comes out and some players will want to convert their existing save games to winter environment. I’ll make an update with winter environment option when the DLC comes out.
Save Game Environment Changer should be compatible with all other mods.

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