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Advanced Toolbar

Author: CWMlolzlz
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Advanced Toolbar introduces new functionality to the toolbar including an expandable asset panel and auto icon centre.

Too many icons on your bar? Center them all by enabling Auto Centre in the options. This will shift them so they are easier to access.

The main feature of the mod implements an expandable panel to enable you to browse your assets easier.


– Toolbar icons can be centred

– Asset panel can be expand to reveal more assets
– The expand panel can either scroll vertically or horizontally just as the game already does.
– Toggle button appears next to advisor button. Just look for one of these

– Hotkey support that can be changed at any time in the options menu.
– Scroll direction can be changed at any time in the options menu


– Icon does not appear in asset editor


I have tested this with a range of popular mods with no issue. These mods include,
– Traffic++
– Network Extensions
– TAM (If you are apart of the beta)
– More Beautification
– Airport Roads
– More Network Stuff
– Search Box Mod (Of course)


Extended Toolbar by Archomeda.

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