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First Person Multiplayer Mod

Author: Fr0sZ
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First Person Multiplayer Mod

Have you ever wanted to show your friends your city, or even play hide n seek or maybe race to the top of a building? Well now you can with this mod. It allow you to host any of your saves or any save on the workshop and play them with your friends and even with random people from the Internet.

You need to have steam overlay on for this mod to work.

WASD: Movement
Space: Jump
Right Click: Use Hook
Tab: Scoreboard

Q: Why can’t people join my server?

A: Your router or computer might be blocking the connections, try port forwarding and opening your firewalls and try again.

Q: How do I join a private server?

A: You need to use the join by ip option, the host can use to find out his ip.

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