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Unlimited Outside Connections

Author: BloodyPenguin
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Place as many roads with outside connections as you want.

This mod is not required to play maps created with it in MapEditor.

If you want to add new outside connections in-game use my new Cross The Line mod!

Feel free to comment. Pull requests welcome.

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don’t paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin or similar tool.

Note for anti-virus software users:

For some reason some anti-viruses detect this mod as malware and put it to quarantine. In my case, Bitdefender detects it as Gen:Variant.Kazy.76083. Of course, this mod doesn’t contain any malicious code (see sources). If you experience some problems with downloading or activating this mod you need to add this mod’s UnlimitedOutsideConnections.dll binary to exceptions in your anti-virus.

GitHub repository[]

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