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Cities: Skylines After Dark Preview on PC Invasion

Posted on 20 Aug 2015 by Arazmus.
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With Gamescom done and dusted, there’s another preview of Cities: Skylines After Dark to check out over on PC Invasion following their demonstration at the show a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a snip as a teaser:

When the sun goes down over the player created cities, they’ll come alive with a host of new features centered around urban nightlife. New commercial zones will be available, solely focused around night-time activities like bars, nightclubs, bowling alleys, casinos, and, well you get the idea. Turns out your Cims (as they’re occasionally colloquially known) need to be entertained after all.

During the day these commercial zones will function in the usual fashion, but when the sun goes down they’ll take on new dimensions.

Read the full preview over on PC Invasion.

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