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Blackwell Academy

Author: Zatline
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This is my first ever created model, I worked around 2-3 weeks on it.
Now after I fixed all the technical issues and almost all optical bugs …
I tought it is in a state to release it (“release de kraken” – LiS fans will know). x)
This asset is based on the game Life Is Strange, a game that hooked me with its awesomeness …


I hope you enjoy it and stick around for more content, becouse this might just be the start of an epic journey! I already have a lot of ideas and sketches for new buildings (including another ones based on Life Is Strange). However, have fun and happy city building!


Construction Cost: 52000
Maintanence Cost: 3700

Education Accumulation: 100
Education Radius: 1725
Student Count: 652

Notice: Blackwell Academy is a private school for high school seniors!

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