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Mc Ronald’s with Drive-In and Cafe (Growable Shop H1 4×4)

Author: BumpaNiggl
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Mc Donald’s makeover.

This is the growable version with darker windows and changed illumination map, scaled down to fit a 4×4 high density zone.

The object has all maps.

Placed in-game to check if it works; and it does. :]


Type: Commercial
Level: H1
Size 4×4
Construction time: 30
Ground offset: 0
First height: 3.1
Other height: 3
Floor Count 900.1

Used High Density 1 because there seems to be a lack in H1s if you look into the workshop.

Includes parking and pedestrian markings.
Invisible parking marks placed in front of the order and handout counter.
No smoke or steam.

If you are interested in my asset collection then please go here:

Also you might wanna look at this; a custom created map:

Feel free to vote this up.

Enjoy. =]

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