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Traffic Manager

Author: CBeTHaX
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This mod lets you add priority roads, control traffic lights, change lanes and add/remove crosswalks.

Current features:
– Add priority signs
– Change lanes
– Add/Remove crosswalks
– Manually control traffic lights
– Timed traffic lights
– Clear traffic
– No despawn

Known issues:
– UI problems using ESC key and some other mildly frustrating issues
– Crosswalks become permanent upon save/load game
– Crosswalks work on places it shouldn’t (like intersections) and the result is missing textures.
– Older saves of the same city will not work correctly
– You need to restart the game in case you reload a new/saved game (traffic manager stops loading)
– Other minor issues

Incompatible mods (please report which ones it does not work correctly with):
– Traffic++
– Lane changer

How to clear ALL traffic manager saves: Open your Steam folder, go to SteamApps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data, delete all files with the name ‘trafficManagerSave_xxxxxxx.xml’

Source code:

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