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Orio Train Station

Author: ragutaro
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!! Caution !! 
If you place a custom asset station on your city as the first train station, train will not come in. You need to place a default train station to get trains. 
When you placed a custom asset station as the first train station, break immediately and place default train station. After you get trains from outside the city, replace to this station. 

Building Name : Orio Train Station 
Asset Name : HaS Orio Train Station 
Triangles : 5,397 
Size : (Road side = 6, Platform side = 16) x 4 
Type : Ploppable 
Menu Position : Transport – Train 

Used Files : 
Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Illumination map(1024×1024) 
LOD(Triangles: 96) 
Diffuse, Specular map(256×256) for LOD 

Setting values : 
Completely same as default train station.

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