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Northern Falls

Author: spwn.Bugfix
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Northern Falls is a coastal boreal river landscape with a harsh coast at the north. The map consists of a large valley with a lot of water.


– Large bodies of water require a thought-out traffic system 
– Mostly rolling landscape with large flat areas as well as small mountains and rocks 
– Map provides plenty of natural resources in thought-out locations, but it’s not overloaded 


– You can plant up to 80.000 additional trees in your city (map comes with 170.000 planted trees) 
– 1 working waterfall and 2 rapids 
– Two rivers 
– Accessible breathtaking overlooks 
– Two small islands (maybe for special landmarks?) 
– A scenic coastal highway 
– Small beach areas 
– The possibility to build a massive dam while still looking good and realistic 
– Airline, ship, highway and train connections (duh.)

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