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Modular Airport Express Terminal

Author: kurtus_mob
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Modular Airport Express Terminal by kurtus_mob

Tired of these neverending queue lines ? Grab your premium pass and head to the Express Terminal for a quick and smooth boarding !

Here comes a quick attempt at making modular airport assets. This consists of a small terminal building with small to medium gates, passengers ramps and parked airplanes. I’ve also included a lot of small details, as custom ads, ground marks and service props to make it more immersive.

Acts as a standard airport without runway, half less expensive to reflect the aesthetic nature of the thing.

Requires some props, as listed aside.

Maybe you would appreciate my other airport related items :

Airport & Co collection :

– Jumbo Liner :
– Classic Liner :
– Small Liner :
– Luggage cart :
– Baggage tractor :
– Plane stairs :

As always, enjoy, rate and please report any glitch or bug !

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