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Metro Station Small Entrance

Author: Sonik

Is cheaper than original station, takes up little space 1×1, but the narrow entrance will cause large queues.

??????? ???????????? ???????, ???????? ??????? 1×1, ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?????????.

3D-model was created from scratch with a hints of American and Russian subway entrances. Differences from the original (vanilla) metro station:
– Construction cost: 12’000 (orig: 15’000);
– Maintenance cost: 1200 (orig: 1500);
– Electricity Consumpt: 25 (orig: 30);
– Workers Educated/Highly/Uneducated/WellEducated: 10/0/3/3 (orig: 13/0/8/3).

Mesh and textures:
– Triangles: 264 (151 polys);
– Textures: diffuse(color+ao)/normal map/specular 512x512px dds R8G8B8 (3Mb all);
– “_thumb” PNG-icon for UI.

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