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House from VIP 14 (Residential low Growable)

Author: vip
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The new residence level 3.

Villa middle class. Each brick building picked up in standard sizes in reality. Ceiling height is 2.9 meters. The width of the house – 24 meters. There is a garage for 2 cars. The living area of 168 square meters. The total is 256 square meters.
This project is the building I give in his campaign for approval. At the moment, the building is still under construction.

You really appreciate the quality of textures and rendering residence.
Good luck in building. ))))


Size of the building: 3/4

Tris 1300
Picture 1024/1024.
include maps: diffuse, normal,specular,colors, alpha.

Tris 77
Picture 256/256
include maps: diffuse, colors.

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