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[Growable] Aqualina Tower

Author: LucasK336

big level 5 residential highrise. It’s total height is about 125 meters. It has an automatic parking and a spa on the last floor woah! Yes, it’s taller than the average level 5 buildings, but come on, the vainilla buildings are great but way too… short, for real life standards. This game needs taller growables.

Don’t be fooled by this whole building being just 2,7Mb, I’ve tested it and it works totally ok and all the model and textures are totally fine. I don’t even know why is it came out so lightweight. Well, even better I guess…

I recommend to download a good amount of level 5 buildings apart from this one or you will feel like your city is being invaded by me or something. The game has very few level 5 highrises.

Based on the Aqualina tower located in Rosario, Argentina (my natal city), which by the way is taller than this.

4100 triangles (too many balconies)
1024×1024 texture 4 aviable color variations
Custom 49 triangles LOD
It also respects the highrise ban how nice.

There was a problem with the LOD (the game randomly decided to turn it blue). It’s already fixed

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