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CSL Music Mod

Author: mrnotsoevil
  • Add custom music to your game
  • Converts *.ogg files to Cities: Skylines music files
  • Play them randomly or in defined order
  • Enable or disable tracks quickly to skip them
  • Easy to use ingame panels (Open them with ingame-configurable hotkeys)
  • Switch to the next track using a hotkey
  • Ingame resorting of tracks (just drag the items in the list)
  • Supports vanilla game mood/height music (e.g. if you zoom out, the music changes)
  • Add mood/height music just by corretly renaming the music file – mod will configure everything automatically
  • Chirpy support – Shows you which track is playing, how to open the panels and music file conversion errors
  • Chirps cannot be disabled because Chirpy is not putting a gun to my head
  • Many features such as automatic music configuration, Chirpy, mood/height music can be easily disabled

What is mood/height based music?

If you play the vanilla game (without this mod), you can hear that music changes if you zoom out or if your city is very unhappy. This mod supports this behaviour, so if you add no music and you change nothing, you won’t notice any changes.

But you can also add ‘bad mood’ and ‘high above’ tracks for your own music files, too.

Adding music
To add music, put *.raw or *.ogg files into CSLMusicMod_Music folder (in steamapps/common/Cities_Skylines)

NOTE: The folder will be created when you load a map or start a new city, but you can create the folder manually if you don’t want to do this

The mod will automatically convert *.ogg files into *.raw files while loading the game.

Multiple sound files are grouped together, providing a track for ‘normal’/’good mood’, one for ‘sky’ (If you zoom out) and one for ‘bad’ mood.
If you want to add a group of music files (‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘sky’) music, add #sky or #bad to the end of the filename of the ‘good’ music.

For example: MySong.ogg MySong#sky.ogg MySong#bad.ogg

See the documentation[] for more information about adding music files.

Note: Loading may take some time if you added *.ogg files. They need to be converted to *.raw files

Note: If the ‘bad mood’ or ‘sky’ songs have not (almost) exactly the same length, the music won’t crossfade, but restart

Note: You can delete the *.ogg files after conversion to *.raw

Track control

Press [M] key to open the track list. If you click an item, the game will play the track. If you double click a track, it will switch between disabled and enabled.
If a track is disabled, it won’t be picked when the mod picks a random track to play.

Press [N] to switch to the next track.


You can configure many things using the ingame panel (Press [M] key to open it).

See the documentation[] for more information about configuration.


Visit the documentation[]


For the source, go to GitHub[]

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