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American Roads

This mod changes the in-game default roads into American style! It currently features new road textures changed from European to a more American style, as well as the option to remove obvious road arrows to make roads look more realistic.

Config file may be found at SteamSteamAppscommonCities_SkylinesAmericanRoadsConfig.xml after the first run with the mod.


disable_optional_arrows – true by default. This removes left+right and left+forward+right arrows on all roads, as well as forward arrows for highways only. Set to false if you would like to keep these arrows.

use_alternate_pavement_texture – true by default. This toggles whether the alternate pavement texture included in this mod is used. Set to false to use the default pavement texture (recommended if using Road Color Changer to darken roads). If using Terrain Texture Replacer( to replace the pavement texture, set to false.

Additional features:
-manhole covers removed from highways and elevated roads
-new highway sign texture
-new street name sign texture
-new pavement texture (optional)

Possible upcoming features:
– LOD versions
– American speed limit signs

Recommended add-on:
Road Color Changer – – allows changing roads to a custom color, default is twice as dark as default.

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