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Traffic++ (Zonable Pedestrian Paths)

Author: jfarias

Zonable pedestrian paths with public services coverage! You can now build your traffic-free neighbourhood without worrying about crime, fires and garbage!

This mod adds new components to the game which means that maps saved with this mod CANNOT be opened without it! You don’t need to start a new game to use this mod but you should backup your save file beforehand.

Known bugs:
-Visual glitch in intersections with main roads
-Information panel on the zonable pedestrian path is not working correctly.

You can find this new type of path in the roads panel. It’s the first, where you would usually find the basic two-lane road. The original pedestrian paths are in their place and still work as always.
Vehicles will drive VERY slowly in pedestrian paths (if in emergency, they’ll drive a little faster but still slower than on basic roads).
Only ambulances, hearses, police cars, fire trucks and garbage trucks can use these roads. Commercial zones will not last long (no supplies to sell). Buses will be added later.

If you find a bug, please let me know. I hope you enjoy this mod. Have fun!


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  • Tjeu Hermse

    i dont want to use steam workshop, i like to have control over where files are and what they do. steam workshop automates everything and doesnt have any additional options to just download the files in your download folder one time.

    • [Tyrant] Rico Penguin

      It puts them in the only place they’ll work.

      You can use symbolic links to get around any other issues.

  • sunson

    you are literally wasting his time. Some people in this world do not have the money to buy the game so they crack it. Just give us a external download

    • [Tyrant] Rico Penguin

      Wow really? 2 months later and you respond to a post?

      Good lord.