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WTC 1 & 2

Author: The Governor

This is a completely new model and textures which i made in 3ds max and gimp.

The towers are not scaled to real world size but are scaled to suit the game buildings better.


12 x 12 lot

Construction cost 125,000
Maintenance cost 4000
Electricity 40
Tourist 100 for each
Sawrage 15
Water 15

Jobs = 1000

Educated 500
Highly Educated 150
Under Educated 200
Well Educated 150

The Asset has _LOD model and textures so wont have any crazy textures when veiwing from a distance.

If you like what you find then please hit the thumbs up it helps alot, If you dont there is always the thumbs down.

Thanks everyone

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  • Rodian Burbano

    Might upload elsewhere than steam?

  • Lina Traxex

    is there another way to download this without steam

  • Illuminati mike

    If you ILLEGALLY pirate the game, don’t ask for an link to mod download you cunts