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UK Map includes Ireland, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Calais v2

Author: alphabravo14

The most accurate UK map for Cities Skyline. Using satelite terrain map data, the UK has been faithfully re-created (The map is shrunk so you can build on the large majority of the UK but it is to scale)

Playable Areas include:
– England
– Wales
– Scotland
– Northern Ireland
– Ireland
– Isle of Man
– Isle of White

Bonus Area – Calais in northern France…………and much more.

Create districts and name them after your favourite cities to build a replica United Kingdom in Cities Skyline.

Start building your London motropolis then expand across England, Wales, Ireland, northern Irleland, Scotland and even Calais in Northern France. Track is all pre-laid ready for the tunnel upgrade allowing a channel tunnel to be built. This is a map for those who truly aspire to build BIG, lots of cities across multiple countries. Extract oil from the east and ore from the west or expand the farms on selective fertile grounds. Enjoy playing a fun sized version of the United Kingdom. The east coast railway, M1, M4, Forth road and rail bridge, humber and severn bridge crossings are all pre built ready for connecting. Shipping and plane routes give opitmal cover with a busy English channel. Please take a little time to feedback and give a like. HAVE FUN 🙂

Credit to Timboh for the Pentagon exchange


1) Ensure you select left hand road before you load the map)
2) For full access to all areas you need to play with a mod to unlock all squares.

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