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Twitter Integration for Chirpy

Author: xsdenite

This Mod integrates @mentions and displays them in the chirper, if someone ist mentioning you on Twitter. The Mod synchronizes every 1 Minute, if available: the latest 5 mentions to you from your Timeline.

How to Install

1. You need Twitter authentication details, follow this howto:

Link []

NOTE: You have to set the access level for the Token to “Read, write, and direct messages”

2. In the mods directory you will find this config file:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<oAuthData xmlns:xsi=””xmlns:xsd=””>

Please fill in every single element, except of TSinceID, this will set automatically if the first Tweets are synchronized.

Elements to Configure:

Toauth_token – Your Access Token
Toauth_token_secret – The Access Tokens Secret

Toauth_consumer_key – Consumer Key
Toauth_consumer_secret – The Consumer Secret

TscreenName – your Twitter name

3. After putting everything in the specific file, move it to:

%LocalAppData%Colossal OrderCities_SkylinesModsTwitterIntegration

(Dont have a Mac/Linux to test, Feedback welcome on this)

4. After configuring everything you are ready to go. Start the Game, load a level.

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