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Transport Lines Manager


A shortcut to manage all city’s public transports lines. It’s a beta version, so may have a lot of bugs.

Official thread for discussion:
PT-BR and EN

For me don’t get lost with the ideas that you all sugest, please post in the topic at SimCity Brasil. The first post will be update with the news requests. Subscribe the topic to receive an email when someone post in this topic.Read before request somethin’ in the comments, plz =)

How does this work

When you click on the button in the top left corner and a window will open. Each button is a line of the public transport of the city:

B lines are buses lines
T lines are train lines
M lines are metro/subway lines

The number after the letter is the internal line number of the line in game. This cannot be modified by now…
The background color is the line color.

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