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Traffic Report tool

Author: lack Widow

Having problems figuring out why traffic is backed up? Want to know why a dohnut van is in the middle of an industrial district? This maybe the tool for you.

To activate the tools, select the “Traffic Report Tool” button in the to left. Your cursor will switch to a magnifying glass. To cancel this, press the button again or choose another tool.

The tool has 3 modes depending on the sort of thing you examine.

1. Selecting a vehicle will show its current path to its destination.
2. Selecting a stretch of road will show you the paths of all vehicles that will pass through it
3. Selecting a building will show you all paths of vehicles either going to or leaving from it

Selecting a road or building will halt the simulation for several seconds (depending on city size). Please be patient you game has not crashed.

Please note this is very very beta and has some funky bugs, particularly with displaying paths.

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